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Interior design for companies

company interior

An interior says a lot about a business. It is often where the company’s centre of expertise is located. But it is also a calling card and showcases how a company works.

We design and realise the entire production in-house. After production in the workshop, everything is installed and finished on location by our own experienced professionals. Customers have a single point of contact for the total design or redesign of their company.


Hospitality and catering

A first impression is the one that counts. That is why the interior of a restaurant, café or hotel is always so important. It has to be representative.

Sometimes a complete interior is not necessary and only an update or partial renewal is required. With seemingly simple modifications, the interior of your restaurant, café or hotel can be given a new look and feel.

showroom interior

An example of an inspiring showroom can be one that is sleek and professional with simulated installations demonstrating how a certain product works in practice.

In other words, the showroom must be the perfect place for providing inspirational advice. We can help you create the ideal showroom for your company.

store interior

The interior of a store is all about styling, quality, colour, atmosphere and materials. Collectively, these must have the effect of producing a positive response from the store’s target group.

We would be happy to discuss your wishes and take a good look at the situation in your company. We can then go to the drawing board and present an interior design that best suits your store.