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Your own bespoke built-in cupboard?

A custom-made built-in cupboard is an ideal solution if you want to save space. You no longer have to deal with separate items of furniture that take up unnecessary space. Also if you have sloping walls or a sloping ceiling in the room in question, a built-in cupboard is certainly a good choice. This will make optimal use of the empty space and turn your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen into a beautiful unified whole. If you are curious about what Heko Projecten can do for you, continue reading.

Discuss the possibilities

A built-in cupboard for the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom

A built-in cupboard is suitable for every room in your house. Would you like a built-in cupboard in your kitchen, for example, to store your crockery? Or do you want a fitted cupboard for your living room, such as a built-in bookcase? We at Heko Projecten realise your dreams, full of love and attention. We also design bespoke built-in cupboards for bedrooms, such as wardrobes. And what do you think about handy built-in cupboards in the bathroom? You guessed it: that is also possible. 

A bespoke built-in cupboard for a sloping wall or ceiling

Do you have a characteristic house with sloping walls or ceilings? Also for these situations, a built-in cupboard offers the perfect solution. These spaces next to or below such sloping surfaces are often labelled empty spaces. But nothing could be further from the truth: they are often ideal spaces to have a cupboard made. Curious about how we would tackle this? We would be happy to come along to discuss the possibilities. We would then set to work on a 3D design of your new built-in cupboard.

Designing, building and installing cupboards

Did you know that Heko Projecten is an all-round furniture maker? That means we are involved in both designing and building bespoke furniture. And of course we will also personally install your new cupboard – or other custom-made piece of furniture – at your home. Only when you are satisfied do we go home. Would you like to know about all of the possibilities? If so, feel free to contact us without any obligation for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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