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Your own bespoke desktop?

Do you want a desktop that fits in perfectly with its surroundings? If so, have your bespoke desktop made by Heko Projecten. The advantage of this is that you will make optimal use of the (home) office space. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss making the most suitable bespoke desktop for you. But if you’d like us to make a complete office desk for you instead of only a desktop, that too would be no problem whatsoever. Continue reading and discover what skilled professionals can do for you. 

Discuss the possibilities

Your own bespoke desk: the advantages

If you work from home a lot, it is essential to have a good workspace. It is extremely important to pay attention to your working posture. And that is why a custom-made desk by Heko Projecten can help you. We will take into account your height and your desired working posture. Another advantage of having a bespoke desk made is that it will fit in perfectly. But you will also have complete control of how your future desk will look. This includes the type of material used to make your desk, whether it will be finished in lacquer or oil and of course the colour you want used. In short: choices galore!

A bespoke wooden desktop

Our customers most often choose solid wood desktops. This material is sustainable and will last for years. Heko Projecten only uses wood that has been FSC approved, so that you can be sure you are making a sustainable choice. Wood is also the most often used material for the underframe of the desk.

Having a bespoke floating desktop or corner desk made

Would you prefer a floating desk, without an underframe? That too is possible! We can make a bespoke desktop to fit perfectly between two walls, for example. This gives a very sleek and modern look. And if you want to make full use of that empty space in the corner of the office, you can simply opt for a custom-made corner desk. 

What distinguishes Heko Projecten?

If you have your bespoke desktop made by Heko Projecten, you will have decided on 100% craftsmanship. All our furniture is made by hand, processed and finished in our own workshop. We work exclusively with the most sustainable materials. And we are also keen to enter into a lasting relationship with our customers. We believe in a very personal and honest approach. This way you always know where you stand. Our motto is: we keep our promises! Curious about what we can do for you? Let yourself be surprised and contact us to discuss the possibilities without any obligation.

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