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During our initial meeting, we will discuss all your specific expectations and ideas to help us clarify your wishes for the trade fair.


Draft design

Based on the agreements made, we will set to work on the design for your stand. We will deliver the design together with a clear quotation within the agreed term.



We want every project to run smoothly, according to the schedule and budget. That is why we invest time in coordinating the final design and the quotation. Once you have given us the go-ahead on the design and quotation, preparations can start. The technical aspects of the design will be drawn up and the necessary materials will be ordered.



Once all the materials are in, it is over to our team of stand builders. Thanks to the extensive range of machinery and our technical expertise, we are able to convert all conceivable designs into bespoke projects.



Once the stand is finished, we will first construct the crucial elements in our workshop before coming to install it at the fair. This is done to ensure that everything is correct and there are no unpleasant surprises onsite. We have our own trucks and vans for transporting the entire production to trade fairs throughout Europe to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible.



Before the final handover, we will inspect all of the components of the stand together. If something is not quite right, we will correct this immediately. At the end of the event or trade fair, we will disassemble the stand again. And, finally, we offer you the possibility of storing your stand safely and insured with us, until you wish to use it again.