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Your own bespoke fitted cupboard?

Would you like to have an entire wall fitted with a cupboard? Perfect! But as you probably know, such a fitted cupboard requires customised work. After all, every wall is different. If you would you like to have a fitted wall unit made for you, Heko Projecten is where you need to be. As professional furniture makers we are a cut above the rest.

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The advantages of a bespoke fitted wall unit

Are you looking for a new wall unit but are unable to find what you want in a regular furniture store? Sounds like a familiar story. The solution is to have a bespoke wall unit made for you that will take your breath away. Once you decide on a custom-made fitted wall unit, you will have control of everything. From style and colour to material and finish. But you will also have chosen handcrafted furniture that will last for years. And, finally, a bespoke fitted wall unit will ensure you make optimal use of the space available.

A bespoke fitted wall unit for your living room, bedroom or kitchen

Where in your home would you like to have your custom-made fitted cupboard? Is that, for example, in your living room, a bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom? For us, everything is possible. We are happy to seize any challenge with both hands. Whether you dream of an open wall unit, one fitted with a mirror or doors, a bookcase or a beautiful wardrobe: we make every dream a reality. However, if you are still uncertain about how your ideal wall unit will look, our own interior designers will be happy to set to work on a 3D design.

Having your bespoke fitted wall unit made by Heko Projecten

If you are planning to have a bespoke fitted wall unit made by Heko Projecten in the short term, it might be nice to get a picture of our company. Let us tell you about who we are: Heko Projecten is a family business that has always had a keen eye for detail. We also believe in a very personal approach and being true to our word: we keep our promises. We work exclusively with sustainable, high-quality materials. You can therefore be assured that your new wall unit will be worth every cent of the investment.

Would you like to know about all of the possibilities? If so, feel free to contact us without any obligation for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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